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A complaint for which you wish to see a GP the same day is not always a reason to call the emergency line. E.g. a sprained ankle, for instance, is urgent, but not an emergency. A baby with a fever that does not respond well is. If in doubt, it's better to call once too often.


Opening hours


The practice is open from Monday to Friday, except for Thursday afternoon. If you need medical assistance on Thursday afternoon, you can consult a colleague in Leiden. Information is given on the answering machine.


The information desk is closed for lunch from 12:00 to 13:00 hrs. The GPs remain accessible for emergencies at the regular number: (071) 521 2025, option [1].




You always need to make an appointment for the doctor’s surgery. To do so, call on weekdays between 8:00 and 16:00. If you have access to our digital patient environment, you also can make an appointment online.


When you call to make an appointment, the receptionist will ask the reason for your contact. She has been trained to do so, and does so in order to assess the nature and possible urgency of your complaint(s). The receptionist is (just as the GP) obliged to treat your information confidentially.


Extra time: Do you have an extensive complaint or several questions? Please say so while making an appointment, so we can count on this in our appointment schedule.


Ordering medication


You are given a new prescription by the doctor or the receptionist. Repeat prescriptions can be applied for: online in the patient environment, by telephone from the receptionist or by leaving a message on the answering machine of the recipe line.


Prescription requests are assessed on work days (Mon to Fri) and then sent digitally to your pharmacy. Please note that the pharmacy may need 2 days to order and to prepare your prescription.


Telephonic consultation


You can ask the assistant for an appointment by phone. The GP will call you to discuss your question.


Home visits


If  you are unable to come to the practice, the doctor may also visit you at home. For example, because you are too ill, (temporarily) disabled or if you have difficulty walking. Please try to request for a visit before 10:00 AM, so we can take it into account in our planning.


The doctor does not visit people at home who have no time or transportation to get to the practice during regular office hours. The receptionist assesses, possibly together with the doctor, whether a home visit is required.


Good to know:

At the doctors’ surgery, the environment for examination and treatment is preferable to a home visit. The GP cannot take along all his/her instruments / examination resources while visiting the patient. Moreover, physical examination on an examination table is often far better than at home on a soft bed or couch.


Doctor's assistant and practice nurse


The doctor's assistant is the first person you talk to when you call the practice. She makes appointments for consultations and visits. She answers many practical questions, such as about referrals and prescriptions. You can also talk to her about results of urine or blood tests and requests for repeat prescriptions.

The receptionist has been trained (among other things) to:

measure blood pressure

treat warts

dress wounds / injuries

syringe ears

remove stitches


Please make an appointment for these services.

perform pregnancy tests


pap smears (for screening)

administering vaccinations

providing information leaflets

Out of office hours GP service ('Huisartsenpost')




The GP service also works by appointment. While making an appointment, keep your insurance details ready.


Telephonic advice

You can also call the GP service for telephonic advice by phone. You will speak to a trained doctor's assistant. This assistant will, if necessary, consult the attending physician if she can not help you directly.



If you are insured in the Netherlands, your insurance company will pay your treatment fee. The GP service has a computer system that checks via your BSN (citizen service number) whether and where you are insured. If your insurance information cannot be found in this system, your bill for the treatment must be paid immediately by bank card or credit card. If the system provides us with the correct insurance information, we send the bill to your insurance company. To check your identity, the GP service will ask you for proof (driver's license, ID or passport).


Addresses GP Service

LUMC, Albinusdreef 2, 2333 ZA Leiden

Rijnland Ziekenhuis, Simon Smitweg 2, 2353 GA Leiderdorp



If you own a dutch basic health insurance, a doctor’s visit (GP) is free of charge, it is not included in your policy excess (own risk).


Additional medical tests (e.g. blood tests or an x-ray) however, are for your own risk and, depending on your insurance, you will be billed for this.

Overview of common services (2015)

Telephonic consultation


Consultation >20 minutes*

Home visit

Home visit >20 minutes*


* Including time for administration.

€ 4,52

€ 9,04

€ 18,08

€ 13,56

€ 22,60

These rates apply for treatments at our practice, on weekdays from 8 to 18 hrs. Different rates apply for non-registered patients and patients without a dutch health insurance. Please check with our receptionist. In this case we ask you to pay at the counter with your bank card (we do not accept credit cards).


The fees of the out of office hours GP service are higher and are applicable: Monday to Friday from 18:00 to 8:00; 24 hours on Saturday and Sunday and on public holidays.

Telephonic consultation


Home visit

€ 25,00

€ 132,37

€ 198,55

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